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Logo Aojing Biotechnology

Aojing Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Aojing Biotechnology Co. Ltd. started in 2017 but was already founded in 1985. They mainly manufacture and sell stevia extract series. The production capacity of Aojing Biotechnology is in the lead internationally. They are one of the main manufacturers of stevia sugar in the world.

Aojing Biotechnology uses advanced production technology, such as counter current extraction, membrane separation etc. They have strict quality control systems according to ISO9001. Therefore, their quality standard is stricter than national quality standard. Aojing Biotechnology is located in Jining city of Shandong province and it has a favourable geographic position and convenient communications.

“Strictly observing honesty and developing us with good commercial ethics” is their operations principle. They use their sincerity and high quality as a bridge between their products and the market. With their product range they provide natural and healthy sweeteners for human consumption. Aojing Biotechnology aims to create a “sweet” cooperation with customers from all over the world.

Angel Yeast Co

Angel Yeast Co. Ltd, founded in 1986, is a listed high-tech yeast company in China. This company is specialized in the production of yeast and Yeast Beta-Glucan. Angel Yeast has 10 international advanced production bases in China, Egypt and Russia. This partner company has set up 12 technical centers, with more than 100 technical engineers providing specialized technical support for the global market. Angel Yeast is the biggest producer of Yeast Beta-Glucan in China.


Angel Yeast Beta Glucan, magical and vital to human health, is the partner of human health. Angel Yeast aims to become a large specialized international yeast company with the most varieties and the most complete specifications. In order to achive that goal, Angel Yeast has always been adhering to the product concept of being “natural, nutritious and healthy” with a focus on customer needs.

They have developed applications of yeast with modern biotechnology. Angel Yeast, by abiding by the market concept of “creating value for customers”, provides its global customers with secure, reliable, and quality products, and world-class technical service and support. This has made Angel Yeast one of the most trusted partners of customers in the world.

Jubang Pharmaceutical

Jubang Pharmaceutical specialises in research, development, production and sales of food additives and pharmaceutical ingredients. They supply  global customers with a series of “Jusheng” brand quality products. Their core products include Sucralose and Vitamin B1. Their products are mainly used for the Food & Beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry.


Jubang Pharmaceutical was founded in 2001. Their plant site covers an area of 40,000 square meters and they employ 300 people. The company has several senior engineers and a high quality management team. Employees work together and are committed to the further development of the company.

Jubang Pharmaceutical is located in the economic development zone of Liyang, Jiangsu Province. This partner supplier also has a unique geographical advantage and convenient traffic conditions. Their geographic position provides an excellent platform for international and domestic business.