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Van Wankum Ingredients has over 35+ years’ experience in Sales and Marketing within the food industry, cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry.
Since 1980 experience with producers established in China and have successfully approved by European and American customers.

  • Extensive experience with producers located in Asia and South America.
  • Van Wankum Ingredients can advise you in optimizing your recipes, such Replacement
    (cheaper) ingredients and additives.
  • Van Wankum Ingredients can advise you improve and optimize the production of ingredients
    and additives from China.
  • Van Wankum Ingredients can you do an extensive market research.

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  • 24 hour delivery from our warehouses to customer’s destination within the European Union.
  • Van Wankum Ingredients has over 20 years’ experience in sourcing from China and India.
  • Conditioned storage rooms and conditioned deliveries.
  • Holding Stock in strategic places across Europe.
  • Quality assurance in accordance with industry regulations.
  • And together with our supply chain partners, Van Wankum Ingredients can deal with any supply chain issue, opportunity and challenge.

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