Yeast Beta Glucan for cosmetic applications

Yeast Beta Glucan for cosmetic applications

YEAST Beta Glucan is found in the cell walls of common baker’s yeast. Most people already
consume it via natural sources such as wheat or oatmeal. It is used to maintain or
stimulate the effectiveness of the immune system. Moreover, it has a positive effect on
cholesterol levels and research is being done to investigate the positive effects on blood
sugar levels.


Skin repairing.

Yeast beta‐glucan is a polysaccharide exists in the cell wall of yeast, which can fortify the immunity of human beings. CMG is partly carboxymethylated yeast beta‐glucan, which is water soluble. CMG has the same functions as yeast beta‐glucan when used in cosmetics, can greatly revitalize the skin’s defense system, enhance the natural repair processes and reduce the sensitivity of skin. Just below the surface layer (epidermis) of your skin you have Langerhans cells. These incredible immune cells have the power to boost collagen production, increase wound repair effectiveness, defend against external threats such as sun, smoke, environmental assaults, and mitigate the effects of stress, all of these lead to remarkable reduction in the ugly appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, age spots and other skin problems. The miracle of CMG is its unique molecular shape. When it’s applied to skin, it quickly penetrates the epidermal layer and comes in contact with Langerhans cells, instantly switch them on.


Cosmetic Applications;

  • Anti‐aging products;
  • Anti‐oxidation products;
  • Sun‐care products;
  • Moisturizing and repairing products;
  • Recommend dosage: 5%‐10%.


Benefits of Beta Glucan?

  • YEAST Beta Glucan maintains and stimulates the effectiveness of the immune system
    • YEAST Beta Glucan has a positive effect on cholesterol levels
    • YEAST Beta Glucan is thought to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels and to help with diabetic issues
    • YEAST Beta Glucan fights infections
    • YEAST Beta Glucan is suitable for consumption for vegetarians


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