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XOS Prebiotics (XOS) are polymers of the sugar xylose. XOS is produced from the xylan fraction in plant fiber. Their C5 structure is fundamentally different from other prebiotics, which are based upon C6 sugars. XOS Prebiotics have been commercially available since the 1980s. XOS Prebiotics act as a prebiotic, selectively feeding beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli within the digestive tract. A large number of clinical trials have been conducted with XOS, demonstrating a variety of health benefits, including improvements in blood sugars and lipids, digestive health benefits, laxation, and beneficial changes to immune markers.



• XOS Prebiotic Selective proliferation of bifidobacteria, inhibits harmful bacteria.
• XOS Prebiotic Promote the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals.
• XOS Prebiotic Establish a healthy intestinal environment with beneficial bacteria.
• XOS Prebiotic is a Prebiotic.
• XOS Prebiotic is feeding beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli within the digestive tract


XOS PREBIOTIC is available in different grades:

• Powder ( 95% & 70%)
• Liquid (70%)



• Nutritional & Dietary Products
• Dry-mix products
• Supplements
• Granola bars
• Cookies
• Biscuits
• Dairy products
• Beverage
• Desserts
• Weight-losing foods
• Anti-aging foods
• Animal nutrition


• 20+ years experience in sourcing from China and India
• Conditioned deliveries and storage rooms
• Quality assurance in accordance with industry regulations
• Strategically placed stocks across Europe
• 24 hour delivery from our warehouses to our customers within the European Union
Due to close collaboration with our supply chain partner we can deal with basically any supply chain issue, opportunity, or challenge.


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