Sialic ACID benefits

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Sialic Acid also known as N-acetylneuraminic is a key component in Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO). Contained in breast milk, and is a characteristic functional ingredient. Sialic Acid can effectively promote the development and functional repair of nerve cells, epithelial cells and immune cells, which can get the effect of improving immunity, promoting intellectual development , nourishing skin and anti-aging.



Sialic ACID or N-acetylneuraminic have many benefits, Below we have listed a number of Benefits:


• Sialic ACID maintains and stimulates the effectiveness of the immune system
• Sialic ACID promotes brain development.
• Sialic ACID delays brain dysfunction and promotes damaged nerve cells.
• Sialic ACID strengthens cells of viability and enhances Immunity.



• Non-GMO
• Allergen-free
• Kosher/Halal certified

Sialic ACID applications

• Nutritional & Dietary Products
• Foods fortifying the immunity
• Weight-losing foods
• Anti-aging foods
• Infant Nutrition


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