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Selenium yeast is a form of selenium, which is also referred to as organic selenium.
Selenium yeast, produced by fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a selenium-rich media, is a recognized source of organic food-form selenium. In this process, virtually all of the selenium structurally substitutes for sulfur in the amino acid methionine thus forming selenomethionine via the same pathways and enzymes that are used to form sulfur-containing methionine. Owing to its similarity to S-containing methionine, selenomethionine is taken up nonspecifically and becomes part of yeast protein. It is this metabolic route that makes selenium yeast valuable in animal and human nutrition


Benefits of Selenium YEAST

  • Selenium Fights Inflammation
  • Selenium Helps Regulate the Circadian Rhythm
  • Selenium Has Anti-Aging Properties
  • Selenium is Important for Thyroid Function
  • Selenium Helps Immune Defense (especially against viruses)
  • Selenium is Good for Th2 Dominant People
  • Selenium Aids Fertility and Reproductive Health
  • Selenium Improves Mood
  • Selenium Increases IGF-1


Available varieties in Selenium Yeast:

  • Powder


Selenium Yeast NAtural and organic

Our Selenium Yeast derived from baker’s yeast is suitable for vegetarian diets and can be provided with an ORGANIC ECO CERTIFICATE.



  • +GMP
  • BRC
  • Non-GMO
  • Allergen-free
  • Kosher/Halal certified


Selenium YEAST applications

  • Nutritional & Dietary Products
  • Dry-mix products
  • Foods fortifying the immunity
  • Weight-losing foods
  • Anti-aging foods
  • Animal nutrition


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