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What are sweeteners?

Sweeteners are food additives used to substitute sugar. Sugar or sweeteners are added in food to make a taste sweeter. Some sweeteners come from nature, such as Stevia, while others are made synthetically. They can be used as health & sports nutrition, in food & beverages, and as pharmaceutical sweeteners.


Nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners

There are two types of sweeteners: nutritive and non-nutritive. The human body is able to digest, to some extend, nutritive sweeteners. This gives the sweetener food energy value. Then there are sweeteners that are not digested by the body, the non-nutritive sweeteners. Non-nutritive sweeteners have no food energy value. Many sweeteners contain little to no calories and do not metabolise, making them suitable for consumption for both diabetics and non-diabetics and for health and sports nutrition.


Health and sports nutrition sweeteners

Van Wankum Ingredients carries a full range of sweeteners and the latest nutraceutical ingredients for sports and health nutrition, weight loss and dietary supplements.


Please visit the respective pages of sweeteners that we offer to see how the different sweeteners apply to certain foods.


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